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Press for parallel clamping

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With trapezoidal threaded rod and 2 swiveling clamping blocks. The clamping blocks have respectively 3 smooth surfaces and 1 with cross prism, therefore they can be used universally for clamping of the most diverse workpieces.


For the internal clamping and external of the most varied forms of pieces.


Threaded rods and clamping blocks in steel, burnished.

Technical data

Opening by pressure a 0 mm - 25 mm
Traction opening b 20 mm - 48 mm
Clamping depth c 15 mm
Max. clamping force 1,000 N

Opening by pressure a 0 mm - 50 mm
Traction opening b 32 mm - 82 mm
Clamping depth c 30 mm
Max. clamping force 2,000 N

Opening by pressure a 0 mm - 75 mm
Traction opening b 40 mm - 115 mm
Clamping depth c 50 mm
Max. clamping force 2,500 N