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Versatile carbon steel with good workability and polishability, also known as L2 steel. This steel is an excellent choice for knife blades, ideal for hunting knives, leatherworking knives, and bushcraft knives. Hardness 57-59 HRC.

Recommended Heat Treatment Sequence:

Normalizing is a process aimed at refining the grain and relieving stress in the blades before hardening when necessary. Condursal Z1100 can be used to reduce surface decarburization and scaling. Recommended time and temperature for varying thicknesses. Once the knife has cooled and becomes black and magnetic, it can be thermally retreated, be cautious when handling hot blades.

(1st cycle) 900°C (10-15 min) (2nd cycle) 815°C (10-15 min) (3rd cycle) 730°C (10-15 min)


Reduce scaling or surface decarburization. The data represents temperatures and controlled heat treatment equipment (e.g., furnace, salts, etc.). Standard industrial quenching oil: Durixol V35 at 40° C.

Hardening Soaking Time HRC
800° C 2 minutes per mm of thickness 64-65



2 times for 40 minutes

Temperature HRC Hardness
150° C 65
180° C 63-64
200° C 60-61
230° C 57-58
260° C 55-56
290° C 53-54
320° C 52-53