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WR 1.2895 is an air-hardening steel that offers both strength and toughness. Thanks to the presence of vanadium carbides, it is much more effective in providing wear resistance. WR 1.2895 has increased hardness due to the presence of tungsten and molybdenum. Lastly, it will resist chipping and breakage better than conventional tool steels.

Chemical Composition

C Si Mn Cr Mo V W
1.15 1.0 0.4 8.2 1.5 2.0 1.5

Density: 7.85 g/cm3

Supply Hardness: max. 241 HB

Steel Characteristics and Applications

Air Hardening “Semi-High-Speed-Steel” exhibiting excellent wear resistance combined with an optimal level of toughness. Used in tool applications where high compressive strength and excellent edge retention are required, e.g., for punches, deep drawing tools, circular saws, dies, woodworking knives.


1060°C hold for 2 minutes per millimeter


Between aluminum plates with forced air. For optimal results, 600°C must be reached within 2 minutes or less.

Tempering:3 times for 40 minutes