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Needle Files Corinox Cut 0 (Set)

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CORRADI needle files are made of steel specially produced for CORRADI, according to the highest quality standards. They have tight dimensional tolerances, cutting uniformity and constant hardness throughout the tool.
Used by mold makers, goldsmiths, musical instrument makers to work on small surfaces and for finishing. They have a partially knurled round tang to prevent fingers from slipping during use. They can also be used without the aid of a handle.

Thanks to the special CORINOX® coating:
• they have a surface hardness of about 1200 HV (70-72 HRc) and therefore greater resistance to wear and durability. This allows you to file even tempered steels up to 60 HRc hardness, materials that are difficult to file such as refractory steels, exotic alloys, filled thermoplastic resins
• allow easy chip evacuation, avoiding the file it mixes when working on materials such as plastics, rubber or wood
• have a surface layer resistant to corrosion, allowing stainless steels to be filed without leaving corrosive residues

They allow you to file hard materials that would require the use of a diamond file, but at a much lower cost and with a much greater stock removal.
They are used for the production of equipment for the food, chemical, naval and thermonuclear plants industries.

The set includes the following shapes:
• Pointed flat, section 6.0 x 1.5 mm
• Parallel flat, section 6.0 x 1.5 mm < / span>
• Triangular, section mm 4.1
• Square, section mm 2.7
• Round, section mm 3.5
• Half-round, section 6.0 x 2.0 mm

Length mm 180 (7.1 "), shank diameter mm 3.5. In plastic case. Available in cut 0.

Suitable For: tempered steel (up to 60 HRc), refractory steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys (nickel base, molybdenum , titanium such as Inconel, etc.), plastics (nylon, Teflon, polycarbonate), filled thermoplastic resins, platinum.
Applications: < / strong> mechanics, goldsmiths.
Handles: wooden handle, plastic handle

Professional product made in Italy