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Quenching Oil V35 Fast Quench L. 5

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DURIXOL high-performance cooling oils, with a very rapid cooling effect, are characterised by a particularly intense cooling behaviour. They are mainly used for cooling in continuous cycle systems and in well furnaces with open cooling systems, as well as for quenching in a submerged bath after flame and induction heating.

A particular advantage is the high process safety due to the superior product stability. The oils have a virtually unlimited life and require minimal effort for monitoring and care of the bath.

Thanks to the high resistance to evaporation, low viscosity, low specific consumption and excellent cleaning, In addition, unsurpassed profitability is achieved even in the most difficult applications, which are also used to harden tool steels designated as water hardeners.

Sold in 5 liter tank.

Product Kinematic viscosity (40 %  C) Flash point C.O.C Application temperature
DURIXOL V35 10 mm²/s 160°C 50 - 80°C


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