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Condursal Z1100

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CONDURSAL Z1100 provides very effective protection against oxidation and limescale during austenitization and annealing with the presence of oxygen. It can be used for temperatures between 600 and 1,100 ° C. It is suitable for many types of metallic materials such as construction steels, tool steels, austenitic steels, castings and withstands annealing times of up to 7 hours and more.
Up to temperatures of approx. 850 ° C, the residues of CONDURSAL Z1100 detach after heat treatment; therefore in this case it is not necessary to clean the pieces.
After annealing at temperatures above 850 ° C, a light brushing with a steel brush is sufficient to remove the residues and provide clean surfaces (it is not necessary to sandblasting).

How to use protective paint for heat treatment?

The surfaces to be protected must be clean, free of oxides, encrustations, dust, rust, oil, grease and other contaminants, which are normally obtained by sandblasting or alkaline washing (previously also
by steam degreasing ).
Before use, mix the contents of the CONDURSAL Z1100 can well. After obtaining a homogeneous
consistency CONDURSAL Z1100 is ready to use. The application to the pieces can be obtained by painting, dipping or spraying. Normally, there is only a thin coating of approx. 15μm thickness
required for optimum protection.
It is important to provide a smooth coating of uniform thickness. Applying paint in an excessively thick layer can cause peeling problems and should therefore be avoided. For extended annealing times a second thin layer is recommended. It should be applied no earlier than
a complete drying of the first. The drying time for each coating is approximately 10 minutes.

Removal of residues

Once the heat treatment is complete, the residues of CONDURSAL Z1100 detach on their own or can be
easily removed with a steel brush (see above).
The cans of CONDURSAL Z1100 must be hermetically sealed afterwards. use to avoid the evaporation of the paint solvent. To clean brushes, spray guns and other equipment, "SPECIAL THINNER FOR CONDURSAL Z1100" or Xylene can be used but not water.

Summary of tips for obtaining an optimal result with this heat treatment paint:

  1. Excessive coating thickness can cause leakage and poor protection.
    2. CONDURSAL Z1100 is not suitable for temperatures below 600 ° C; at such low temperatures it behaves like a heat resistant paint leaving a black coating on the surface of the parts, which can hardly be removed after annealing.