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Carbon Wood Band Saw Blades

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  • High carbon tool steel HI-FLEX DIN 125 Cr 1 (approx. 50 HRC).
  • WOOD TOOTH tooth geometry - SLIGHTLY POSITIVE cutting clearance angle 8 °.
  • Extra set EXTRA SET.
  • Brushed and polished blade body.


  • Very high flexibility and resistance to torsional stresses.
  • Excellent yield and easy cutting action of all types of common firewood (seasoned and not), soft and medium-hard woods.
  • Greater cutting "channel" able to compensate for the internal tensions of the pieces and the tendency to close on themselves, clamping and locking the blade.
  • Reduction of the tendency to take root of residues of removed material.


Professional and non-professional vertical saws exclusively, with manual or automatic cutting cycle, in all sizing and / or contouring operations.
Sharpened and set ready for use. Regrindable. Different dimensions, toothings and executions available on request.