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Steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm, ELMAX is a third generation sintered powder steel (PM: Powder Metallurgy), with a high percentage of chromium, vanadium and molybdenum. This composition allows the metal to acquire high wear resistance, high compressive strength, superior oxidation resistance and excellent dimensional stability and ability to maintain its shape even after intensive use.
The PM process combined with the high concentration of chromium it predisposes the Elmax to a good sanding and an excellent polishing.
This process gives the knives the advantages of a superior wire holding capacity and a fairly easy sharpening; often reasons why users are attracted to this type of cutlery steels. Steel production process called "Superclean", combined with fine powders and carbides ensures easy grinding and polishing.

The hardness of steel after hardening.

When hardened to 57-59 HRC, even though this steel can actually reach 62 HRC, the knife already achieves good edge life as well as impact strength not commonly found in other steels and excellent machinability. Therefore, an ELMAX knife can be used more intensively than knives made from other metals

Composition of steel

1.7% Carbon, 18% Chromium, 0.3% Manganese, 1% Molybdenum, 0.8% Silicon, 3% Vanadium

Properties of steel

  • High wear resistance (Less wear thanks to excellent resistance)
  • High compressive strength
  • Corrosion resistance (Reduced maintenance thanks to corrosion resistance)
  • Excellent dimensional stability (less recovery after heat treatment thanks to its excellent stability)