Terms and conditions

Rocco Gasbarro Unipersonale

We invite you to read the general conditions set out below. These terms and conditions, which may vary over time, are applicable to all users and visitors of www.rockbladekilns.com

1. Shipping Prices (Calculate in the shopping cart)

2. Payments

You can choose between the following options:

- PayPal

- Scalapay

- Bank transfer

- Cash on delivery

If you buy with Scalapay , you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. You acknowledge that the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV S.r.l., to related parties and their assignees, and that you authorize this transfer.

Payment by credit card or Paypal account takes place through the secure systems of Checkout and PayPal, in real time. In both cases, Rockblade kilns does not acquire the user's payment data (credit card data or PayPal code).

The realization of the ordered product begins as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.

3. Products

The photos of colors and materials faithfully reflect those of the products for sale on the site. In some cases, however, colors and textures may appear different in real life compared to the presentation on screen. For this reason, we invite you to ask us for information in advance.

4.Customer Care

Rockblade kilns guarantees complete satisfaction in the purchase. in the event of a defective, damaged or non-compliant product, Rockblade kilns pr will replace it and / or refund it.

5. Shipping

Each order is generally delivered to the courier within 72 working hours following the purchase. Shipping lasts approximately 2 days throughout Europe. The shipment is entrusted to recognized transport companies and sometimes they could suffer delays not dependent on Rockblade kilns . Courier deliveries take place at the address specified in the order, so it is preferable to indicate a manned address

6. Personal information

Rockblade kilns is protected by an https security certificate: the information (for example password or credit card number) remains private when it is sent to this site.



Resolutions and returns

Rockblade kilns guarantees you the perfection of each product, taking care of the resolution of any problems.

Refund cases

It is possible to request a refund in cases of:

- Manufacturing defects - errors that occur in the realization of the product.

- Non-conformity with respect to the order - production / shipment error with respect to what the user requested when ordering. < / span>

In all these cases Rockblade kilns takes care of the resolution, including those of shipping to Rockblade kilns for the return of the product.

Times for refund request

The refund request can be made within 10 days of receiving the product. Your request must be sent by email to info@rockbladekilns.com with a brief description of the problem and a photo. Based on the type of problem, the Customer Care will show you how to proceed.

Intervention is only possible if the product has not been used, unless otherwise indicated by Customer Care.

In case of returning the product, the original packaging or any other of adequate size can be used; Rockblade kilns will collect the product from the address communicated by express courier.

Method of intervention

Based on the type of problem, we evaluate the best way to intervene: modifying the product when possible or creating a new one. In all cases without any charge to the customer.