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Juma block mm 10x40x128

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Juma Gem, is a new high quality material, specially designed for inlay work. A very fine structure allows for even the smallest inlays. Juma Gem is not translucent, therefore more intense color retention even in the dark setting. Available in eight different colors. No limits to your creativity with this new variety of colors.

JUMA is a modern and high quality raw material for the production of components and works of art. JUMA consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials mixed with a resin component.


  • excellent mechanical workability ie for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing,
  • minimum risk of breakage due to the high coefficient of elasticity and high elongation,
  • high quality surface thanks to high surface hardness and minimal abrasion losses,
  • resistant to all conventional substances such as detergents, oils, greases, weak / medium acids and bases,
  • very low water absorption (resistant to hydrolysis). - possibility of thermoforming in boiling water,
  • can be polished or painted to produce glossy or matte surfaces,
  • pleasant to the touch thanks to good thermal properties.


  • Knife manufacturing (here knife handles)
  • Turning material eg. as a pen blank for the production of pens
  • Production and design of jewelry
  • Restoration of furniture, artistic and cultural antiques with ivory inlays
  • Production of billiard cues, used as tips and for inlays
  • Construction of musical instruments such as decorative rings, mouthpieces, piano keys, guitar bridges and many others
  • Ornamental rings and mouthpieces on tobacco pipes
  • Glasses production
  • And many more ...