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Aisi 1095

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A preferred steel for many knife makers and enthusiasts, 1095 has earned a respectable reputation as “excellent” for forging and achieving good edge retention and for giving dark gray color to damascus.

Recommended operating sequence:

Forging: Heat to 2100°F (1150°C) . Do not forge below 1500°F (815°C).

Standardization: Heat to 1575°F (855°C). Cool in still air.

Annealing: Heat to 1475°F (800°C). Cooling the furnace to 1200°F (650°C) at a rate not exceeding 50°F (28°C) per hour.

Grinding or Machining
< br>Cure: Austenitize- Heat to 1475°F (800°C).
In thicker sections it can be quenched in water or brine with extreme care, but it can also be quenched in Durixol V35 oil, in sections less than 6.35mm thick as the preferred method.
< br>Tempering: quenched hardness of approximately 66 HRC. The hardness can be adjusted downwards by proper hardening.

Chemical composition:





0.9 - 1.03%

0.3 - 0.5%