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Becut is a stainless, proprietary alloy with added niobium to give good toughness, edge retention and wear resistance, while also offering good strength to corrosion and a fine-grained structure.

Niobium is usually used in small percentages in cutlery steels, but its addition is significant in terms of effects on the final properties. Basically, niobium is added for similar reasons as vanadium: to form hard MC carbides, where M can refer to V, Nb, Ti, etc. Hard carbides can contribute to grain size refinement, carbide structure refinement, and wear resistance.

Chemical composition:

C Yes Mn Cr Mo V Nb
0,72 0.55 0,45 14.5 1.90 0,60 0,80


Heat treatment:

Austenitizing Temperature: 1050-1090°C / 1925-1990°F

Quenching medium: Oil, salt bath or nitrogen

Annealing (tempering):