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Micarta Linen

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Micarta Linen adopts the process of mixing linen substrates with phenolic resins to form a durable but beautiful product. Compared to canvas, linen produces a finer finish than the nuanced finish produced by the canvas. No matter which Micarta material you prefer, all will give very similar results. Micarta, in general, is very resistant and generates a unique and elegant look. Micarta is the perfect material used to create resistant handles seen on products such as knives and pistol grips. Provides excellent grip and user comfort. A noticeable difference between linen Micarta compared to other materials is that it is easier to cut and work with.


  • Made up of a layer of Linen incorporated into the other elements
  • Produced in a variety of colors, color combinations and laminate patterns and surface treatments.
  • Superior toughness and durability in demanding applications.
  • High aesthetic quality for knife handle applications