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Walnut stabil. 30x50x140

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Stabilized Walnut wood is a naturally beautiful wood that is filled to the inside with Cactus Juice resin. We call this process “stabilization”. < span> The final material has the unique grain of untreated wood. Meanwhile, it gains the mechanical advantages of the strong resin. In other words, it joins the parts best of both worlds. Good quality stabilized wood absorbs very little water. Therefore, it is less prone to warping and cracking. It is also more heavier, harder and more durable than regular wood. Finally, it polishes well and has a deeper grain structure.

Normally, wood is stabilized with a vacuum process. We use a combination of vacuum and very high pressure to achieve the best result. < / span> For this reason, stabilized wood has a high durability and can achieve a glossy finish after polishing. It absorbs very little water and will have very low swelling and shrinkage at different humidity. Therefore, it will not warp and crack as easily as untreated wood. The material has a smooth surface without porosity and requires no finishing other than fine grinding and polishing.