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RWL34 is a sintered steel based on ATS34 steel. The ATS34 was originally developed in Japan by Kobe Steel to build ball bearings. Internationally known cutler Robert W. Loveless was the first to use Japanese steel in cutlery due to its remarkable properties. Damasteel has improved the properties of ATS34 steel through sintering thus obtaining a very high level of purity.
The sintered variant has taken on the name of the cutler Loveless (abbreviation RWL). Not hardened (subjected to machinability annealing) to facilitate processing. Hardenable up to 64 HRC.

Properties of steel

  • Stainless
  • Long lasting
  • High purity - the result is a homogeneous microstructure and good sharpenability
  • High toughness - extremely insensitive to breaking, torsional and impact loads
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to polish