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Super Tusk

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Super Tusk is the material that most closely replicates real elephant ivory.

The product exhibits excellent technical and mechanical properties as well as a unique resemblance to real ivory. An incredible imitation of color, grain and "Schreger lines". Structures are visible even in the smallest applications and create an unparalleled appearance on every product.


  • excellent mechanical machinability, i.e. for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing,
  • minimum risk of breakage due to the high coefficient of elasticity and high elongation,
  • high-quality surface thanks to high surface hardness and minimal abrasion losses,
  • resistant to all conventional substances such as detergents, oils, fats, weak / medium acids and bases,
  • very low water absorption (resistant to hydrolysis),
  • possibility of thermoforming in boiling water,
  • can be polished or painted to produce glossy or matte surfaces,
  • can create transparent and fluorescent effects,
  • pleasant to the touch thanks to good thermal properties,
  • an incredible imitation of color, grain and “Schreger lines”.


  • Manufacture of knives (here knife handles)
  • Turning material eg. as a pen blank for the production of pens
  • Production and design of jewelry
  • Restoration of furniture, artistic and cultural antiques with ivory inlays
  • Production of billiard cues, used as tips and for inlays
  • Construction of musical instruments such as decorative rings, mouthpieces, piano keys, guitar bridges and many more
  • Ornamental rings and mouthpieces on tobacco pipes
  • Glasses production
  • And many others ...